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"Your true vocations are without labels; they are responsive to new conditions; they are explorations into the unknown world you are cocreating. They are formative of the new world. True vocations are expressions of the universal process of creation localized within you."
-- Barbara Marx Hubbard

At Gateway.University, you work with your mentor to design a degree that reflects your personal passion and gives you the tools you need to make a living, and make a difference.

Your overarching certificate or degree plan includes:

  • World-class personal coaching and mentorship
  • The ability to integrate courses from outside the Gateway.University
  • Opportunity to ideate and execute a real-world impact project
  • Studying at your own pace, from wherever you are
  • Pay as you go

Start Here
to design your soul-inspired study plan:
Complete the Application

The first step in Gateway's Admissions process is the application. The questions will help you to focus in on what matters most to you.

Click here to access the application and answer the questions!

Schedule a Constulation

Once your application has been submitted, you will receive email confirmation along with an invitation to schedule your personal, private consultation with Dr. Kimberly Marooney, or another admissions advisor.

This is your opportunity to ask questions, get to know us, and map out your next steps. If both you and your advisor agree, a $500 application fee moves you to Step 3.

Submit Documentation

Transcripts: Gateway requires transcripts from all previous academic experience to receive transfer credits.

References from THREE people who have been influential in your life. They could be peers, clients, students, mentors know you well enough to attest to your readiness for your academic program.

Prior Learning Credit: At Gateway, we celebrate your life! Exceptional applicants who have published, founded organizations, or contributed to community transformation may receive additional transcript credit for creative projects and achievements.

Design Your Program
Your advisor works personally with you to design your degree program, following the passion of your soul to develop skills, add wisdom, and graduate with a book, business, product launch, or real-world impact project DONE!
Dive In
With your matriculation letter and Program Design in hand, dive in to your first Learning Contract and mentor session! Your degree program or certification is organized in bite-sized pieces that are do-able. From 1-3 months in duration, the Learning Contracts can take it easy during stressful times, or go full out rapid movement forward when time and resources allow.

Make tweaks and enhance:

Gateway builds competencies. These are the skills, knowledge, and behaviors you need to hold space for Divine Presence, and for the unknown. These core competencies become the foundation for your work, nurturing the flexibility to hold Presence. You become a valuable team member in any situation, able to bridge gaps, moderate peace, and catalyze brilliant solutions. Along this journey of discovery, earn the credentials like certificates and degrees that you need to integrate your work in the world in practical ways.

"My Gateway Masters Degree was life changing! And my doctorate program is opening me up to possibilities I couldn't have imagined."
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